Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Post

Okay, so I’m starting a playwright’s blog.

I don’t know if I’m authorized to do this be cause I’m not sure that I am, in fact, a playwright. The story is this:

1. Two and half months ago I graduated from SUNY Purchase’s Dramatic Writing Conservatory Program (this is the kind of thing that would be very impressive if anybody had heard of it).
2. As of that point I stopped being a student and when people asked me what I "did" this long soul crushing silence ensued, in which I was forced to decide between saying “I’m a playwright” and “I’m unemployed”. That's where I am now: in that silence. In truth there is almost no difference between those two states of being but they do make people look at you differently*
3. Four weeks ago I moved to Brooklyn. I know. It’s trite. My apartment’s great and I don’t know whether it was a bad omen or a huge windfall, but my third day here we had stunningly gigantic flood. It was amazing, it’s on my roomate’s blog. and my first month’s rent was waived.
I haven’t been writing. It’s awful and it makes me miserable.

*How people look in response to “I’m unemployed”:
a. Sympathetic eyebrow lift.
b. Awkward aversion of eyes.
c. Condescending sneer.
How people look in response to “I’m a playwright”
a. Open mouthed shock-smile.
b. Straight faced nod.
c. Tight lipped smile, usually reserved for the homeless or mentally ill.

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