Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stated Purpose

So this is what’s going to happen with this blog:
1. I will update it daily
2. It will create the foundation for the schedule that I so desperately need in order to get my life together.
3. I will not post these schedules because they will be boring and embarrassingly unambitious.
4. It will always be about theater, in order to make me feel theatre-y and to encourage research and playgoing.
5. That was a lie, I’ll probably talk about a book, a museum, or a movie if I get excited, or really angry, or, heaven forbid, I’m researching a play.
6. I will really try not to talk about TV.
7. When I apply for anything I’ll post about it.
8. If I receive feedback, I’ll post about that too.
9. There will be a lot of lists. Sorry, it’s genetic.

If all goes well this blog will become a pretty comprehensive picture of my life starting out in theatre, and my former teachers, in a remarkable combination of laziness, thoughtfulness, and misguided pride, will assign it to future classes. Who will:
1. Ignore it.
2. Hate me for showing how much of pain in the ass it is to be unknown.
3. Assume my lack of success is the result of my being a talentless hack.
4. Switch to screenwriting.

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