Monday, July 27, 2009


I spent this morning going through my copy of Dramatists Guild Resource Directory, highlighting in different colors everything I’m thinking about applying for according to what month the application is due. This was intended to give me the feeling that their are opportunities and that they are manageable.

One interesting problem I ran into was the cast limit issue. See, the last full length play I wrote, really the only one I have that’s in any shape to be submitted, has huge television presence, which means that there are “characters” who need to be cast once and recorded but don’t actually appear on stage, or need to be present at rehearsals or performances. Who am I kidding? These people aren’t casting productions, they’re casting readings and for readings these characters need to be played by human actors. Even theaters without limits are going to look at my cast list and say “pass”. They wont even read it.

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