Tuesday, August 4, 2009

applying myself

I applied for a job. Not a job I’ll get but, you know, something. It was a costuming apprenticeship with the Pearl Theatre Company which does a lot of classics, which means period costumes which means NOT EASY. I’ve done some period stuff before: cloaks, Renaissance and regency gowns, a disastrous tailcoat, but never on this scale and never on a serious deadline. I don’t have this job and won’t get it. I should not be worried about my ability to do it well.
I won’t get it because they want a fashion student and a fashion student I am not, what am is an unusually young amateur sewer with no references. There also seem to be almost no jobs like this available and I just don’t know how to feel about that. Will there be tons or competition? Or is this some kind of weird niche where no one else will look? Oh well, I’m not quite ready to give up on sewing as a source of income.
I also got my writing resume together and now all I have to do is get my play together and I can start applying for writers groups, contests and fellowships... which I will also not get.

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