Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Futile efforts/who knew I was so plucky?

I just sent in an application. I feel terrible about it. You know how I always think that I don’t have a chance at getting anything I want? This time I sent the application in late. I applied to Youngblood, which is the emerging writers group at EST, it’s an organization I’ve known existed for two years but I completely forgot about it until today. So I went on their website today and checked the due date for the application: August 15.

I was crushed. I can’t believe how stupid I am. I can’t believe I forgot about this opportunity. I had three choices:
1. curl up and die/dwell on this and what it says about me as a human being and it’s various implications for future failure.
2. try to shrug it off and drown my sorrows in distractions.
3. apply anyway and pray for mercy.

In a deeply uncharacteristic demonstration of grit, I opted for #3 (with a side of #1, let’s face it #1 was getting in no matter what). I took an hour and rewrote my artistic statement, I made a PDF with that statement, my resume, the ten minute play from my senior showcase, and the one act I talked about expanding in my statement (they requested 50 pages and this seemed like a better move than chopping the ending off my full length play). I sent it, with this in the body of the e-mail:

I know that this is late and I apologize, but I hope you will consider it anyway. I would love to be a part of your organization and if you choose not to accept this application I look forward to applying again next year. Thank you very much either way.

Kate Pressman

I don’t have a shot in Hell.


I love instant gratification and here is:


No worries, we can get you into the pool. Thanks for the application, and we'll be in touch around mid-September.


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